Best Minimalist Jewelry Brands For Everyday Wear | Branded … – Native News Online

Best Minimalist Jewelry Brands For Everyday Wear | Branded … – Native News Online

Be whatever your style of jewelry choice, one thing that you can’t skip is those elegant minimalist pieces which you can wear with your cute outfit, classy formal wear, dresses, or casual wear.

Even if you go heavy on layering, you would require these pieces to add style to your look. Minimalist jewelry is that one thing on which all accessory connoisseurs agree.


Minimalist jewelry also seems different as you ask different people about their choice, for some it is simple & dainty pieces. While for some it may be a 4-carat diamond tennis necklace, a golden ear cuff, a heavy gold chain-link bracelet. Minimalist jewelry is defined differently by different people, so here is a list of some of the best brands which are worth trying once in your fashion journey. 



The one thing which draws more attention is that you can get zapped to your favorite jewelry piece. The other thing which you are looking for is the minimalist Jewelry styles at affordable prices. You can shop anywhere between $14 to $12500. Catbird works with many designers and artisans. 

You can find simple, designed, or thick gold chains, cute studded or gemstone pendants; plain gold rings, or rings with little diamond/gem pieces; earrings with or without stud; bracelets, anklets, and more. 

If you are looking for minimalist pieces with a slight vintage twist, then Catbird is your go to brand. 



The store is popularly known for affordable gemstones, if you are someone who wants gemstones in their minimalist pieces then this could be your next stop. Fashion enthusiasts can shop anywhere between $20 to $1095.

Linjer might be the other name for elegance and luxury fashion at affordable prices. Fine gold rings with pearls, diamond necklaces, white topaz rings, pearl hug earrings, Zodiac charm necklaces, delicate dainty rings, pearl jewelry; all of this is covered in the minimalist line of Linjer. 


Mejuri is one of the brands which one can rely completely on everyday fine jewelry. You can expect jewelry anywhere between $10 – $4400 on Mejuri. It provides 60-day returns & warranties on majority of their orders. Also, all the pieces are designed with quality so you can find amazing gold, diamond, and gem pieces for your everyday fashion. It has simple and beautiful rings, delicate diamond pieces, pearl jewelry, earrings, and bracelets. 

Also, you can find new pieces every Monday where you can check on the latest styles and choose the one for you. The timeless beauty of Mejuri gold jewelry is perfect for all occasions.


The Last Line

Even if you love minimalist jewelry you can find options for bright hues! Yes, that is possible with the designs at The Last Line. The designs are a bit quirky and cute in contrast to what a person tries to find in minimalist jewelry pieces. Well this is what makes it different from other brands as it approaches a different kind of minimalism. If you are someone who loves to experiment on their fashion and style, checking The Last Line will work for you. 




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