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Buyers guide to step and repeat banners | Branded Voices | Advertise –

When marketing, you have to pull every feather in the book, you have to remove all the strings, approach the audience with every medium and help them realize that they need your product and your brand supplies them the best. According to a marketing theory, the audience has to perceive the product seven times before buying it. 

You have to make sure your brand is highlighted in the best light. You have to highlight the value that your product brings and not just the benefits of the product. With marketing, you answer the question of ‘why do you need this product?’ 

But there are subtle advantages of appearances that can help you build a brand an image of trust and credibility. You want your brand to make appearances in the background to influence the audience’s trust subtly. Step and repeat banners are one such strategy. 

  • What are step and repeat banners? 

Also known as a media wall, the step and repeat banners backdrop at formal red carpet events. In addition, they advertise the brand name by providing a background banner to click several pictures and photoshoots for the press with amazing lights and fancy backgrounds. 

The name step and repeat comes from celebrities stepping in front of it to get clicked for media photos. Repeat comes from the pattern designed to duplicate the brand logo again and again over the banner. It is so patterned to increase the visibility of the brand logo no matter the angle of the photograph taken. 

They are illuminated to the maximum and hence proves to be an ideal space for celebrities, fashion shows, press conferences, and events to be caught for a picture that highlights their appearance and designer dress. Moreover, they add the glamorous feel to the event as being sponsored by a tremendously valued brand. 

Usually set in contrast with the red carpet, the step and repeat banners are great for the brands to appear credible and trusted. In addition, people tend to buy visually familiar products; thus, step and repeat banners increase the product brand’s market representation. 

  • Why use step and repeat banners?

  1. Popularity: the brand advertising is now known for its glam feels and is treated as a celebrity honour more than a marketing strategy. 
  2. You can click profile pictures in the background: step and repeat have the history of being present at all the major events and parties; hence including them in your profile picture boosts your style and market the brand name at the same time. 
  3. Instant recognition: most brands advertised in the event with Step and repeat banners are stored in the brain memory as familiar. They are later on instantly recognised as a trusted logo. 
  4. Partnership potential: when two brands come together for a project or a tie-up is established, you can use the banner space to its optimum by implementing two brand logos alternatively to signify a partnership or an event tie-up. The league can test the audience response and come together …….


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