Creative Ways to Market Your Business – Spotify

Creative Ways to Market Your Business – Spotify

1. Create a website

It may seem obvious, but if you haven’t already established your online presence with a website, it’s high time you did. Without a slick and responsive website that gives a full overview of your business, services and products, countless leads will be missed. Most importantly, a website makes it easy for existing and potential customers to contact you and—if you have a storefront or consumer-facing offices—find where you are located.

2. Set up a free Google Business Profile

Getting your business to rank organically in Google search results can be a long endeavor, but there’s a shortcut that works especially well for small businesses with a local customer base: setting up a verified Google Business Profile. By completing this very quick and easy step, you can manage how your business appears on Google Maps and in Google search engine results pages (SERPs). Having a Google Business Profile not only makes it easy for customers to find you, but a verified profile—with clear calls to action and customer reviews—also gives people the confidence that your business is legitimate.

3. Start a blog to bring customers to your website

Blogging about your industry establishes you as a thought leader and drives organic traffic to your website from search engine results. Try to focus on relevant topics that your target audience will find interesting, and create a meaningful call to action (CTA) at the end of the article that entices readers to take your desired action. That could be subscribing to your blog, or clicking through to a core product page.

4. Advertise on digital audio

One of the best ways to target your advertising—and get the biggest bang for your buck—is through digital audio advertising. It’s a great way to deliver your message to exactly who you want thanks to advanced targeting capabilities, at moments where listeners are immersed in music or podcasts that are relevant to your business or product. Your ad could reach people as they cook at home, while driving in their car, or when they’re out walking the dog. In these screenless moments, people are more likely to pay attention to ads. However, you can really boost your marketing efforts by pairing audio ads with display ads on Spotify for increased engagement.

5. Ask your customers to review your business

Like great products or services, great ideas for promoting a business start with the customer, since it’s their opinion that counts the most. In fact, 95% of …….


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