Fun Aspects of Slot Machines You Didn’t Know – Native News Online

Fun Aspects of Slot Machines You Didn’t Know – Native News Online

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Among all the casino games, the slot game is by far the best known, the easiest to play, and one of the most fun games you can find. It was founded more than a century ago, in 1894 by the American Charles August Fey. This versatile game has evolved without losing its essence, making lovers return again and again.

While real money slot games are present both in physical and online casinos, free slots have become increasingly popular in many online casinos. Free slot games are for players who want to try the game before committing part of their money. However, whether for real money or for free, the truth is that these machines are full of secrets and unexpected curiosities. For this reason, we have brought you a small compilation of the curiosities around slot machines. You don’t know them all!

The Origin and the Fever

The first machine, which was created in 1891 by Sittman and Pitt in New York, served by inserting a penny per game and was found mainly in bars. However, Charles Fey’s Liberty Bell revolutionized the system in 1895. In addition to the images on the cards, Fey added bells that, when aligned, gave a 50-cent prize. Thanks to this fact, the culture of slots was inaugurated.

The Ban and the Fruit Machines
In 1902 the use of these machines in the United States was vetoed. The manufacturers introduced images of fruits and sweets as an impromptu way to get around the ban, allowing players to enjoy the thrill of the game. In the UK, they are still called fruit machines.

Without Gender Division
When he discovered the potential of slots, casinos added slots as part of their recreational offer. At first, they were considered entertainment for women, while traditional board games were for men. Over time, the gender gap was broken, and men began enjoying these entertainment mechanisms without prejudice.

The Forerunner Of Virtual Slots
Many decades after their invention, slot machines had always worked with rotating cylinders that marked whether or not the player won a prize. However, in the 1970s, precisely in 1976, the first slot machine with a 100% virtual screen, without rotating reels, was created. This machine type was installed at the Hilton in Las Vegas. Later, it became more and more popular among hotels and other casinos. Today, all slot machines in the United States are virtual, leaving machines with reel mechanisms in the trunk of memories.

They are the Best Way to Stretch Your Bankroll
If you have decided on casino games, you will quickly realize that most of them require a considerable amount of money to participate, leaving you with empty pockets a few rounds after starting, if you did not have much luck.

This is when the slot machines come to save the day. With these fun machines, our budget to play (or as it is known in casino circles, the bankroll) will generally be enough to enjoy ourselves for much longer. This is because the credits for these machines are usually …….


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