Greyhound Betting: All Bets Explained! | Branded Voices | Advertise – Native News Online

Greyhound Betting: All Bets Explained! | Branded Voices | Advertise – Native News Online

Dogs love running, especially greyhounds. This dog breed is famous for its racing capabilities, making it a top betting sport in the gambling world. A greyhound spends 75% of its time in the air while running. If you are into dog running and betting, you must know all the essential bets. 

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Knowing what each betting type would ensure you make informed decisions while placing wagers. From post-betting to forecast bets, here’s everything you need to know:

Greyhound Betting Types

  1. Ante Post Betting

Ante-post betting means any bet placed before the event starts. This can mean a day or week before the greyhound racing takes place. Greyhound racing competitions like the Irish Greyhound Derby and English Greyhound Derby feature multiple races. 


So, the bettor can place an outright wager on any dog, assuming that this dog will reach and win the final race. It’s important to remember that most of these races are only thirty seconds long. So, placing live bets on a greyhound is impossible and unavailable.

  1. Single Bet

The single bet type is the most famous, where a bettor places a wager on a greyhound they think will win. They can also bet on the place a specific greyhound will stand. The bettor will receive the return on the bet after the race comes off. There’s another bet called an either-way race that still pays out when the first two or three dogs cross the line. 

  1. Multiple Bets

This betting type requires small stakes but pays off huge amounts upon winning. Multiple bets or an accumulator bet works by timing the odds of two events. In simpler words, you can predict the outcome of multiple races simultaneously. 


Multiple or accumulator bet gives favoring results rarely as betting on multiple outcomes lowers the odds significantly. 

  1. Forecast Bets

Forecast bets are simpler, where bettors have to bet on only two greyhounds, i.e., a bet on a greyhound that will win and the second one on the runner-up. There’s also a reverse forecast bet that doesn’t care about the order in which your betted greyhounds finish. If you correctly predict and bet on the names of the greyhounds that will finish in the top 2, your wager will be a winning one. 

  1. Trifecta Bets

The trifecta bets are the same as forecast bets but are for bettors with deep knowledge of greyhound racing. Tri means three. So, you’ll be betting on not one or two but three greyhounds, i.e., a winner, first runner-up, and second runner-up. The odds of this betting type are high, making it a great choice for seasoned bettors. 

  1. Pick 3 Bets

With pick 3 bets, you bet on the winning greyhound for three consecutive races. You should only go for this bet type if you think you are a veteran of greyhound racing sport. …….


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