How does Parimatch help children? | Branded Voices | Advertise –

How does Parimatch help children? | Branded Voices | Advertise –

Creating a socially-oriented business is a complex and responsible process. Many companies declare such a desire, but only a few go directly to action, implementing a variety of programs to help children. Parimatch has established a charitable foundation for this purpose, whose activities are designed to carry out a variety of social projects. Parimatch helps children by giving them equal opportunities to find themselves in sports or receive the treatment they need.

Charitable Foundation Cyprus – Effective Help for Children

Today, the Parimatch Foundation implements three important programs at once, which are designed to provide children with access to sports. The Charitable Foundation Cyprus is constantly increasing funding for these programs, which makes it possible to implement more and more large-scale projects following them:

– “New physical culture”. This program is designed to make physical culture more popular in educational institutions, thereby increasing the physical activity of the younger generation.
– “So, I can!”. The implementation of this program is aimed at helping children with special needs. The program allows them to engage in sports and provides equal opportunities to develop their potential.
– “Sports mentor”. Within the framework of this program, every child will have equal opportunities to achieve their dreams, regardless of the person’s social status!

You can find out what programs the modern charity fund Parimatch solves at Here is a detailed description of it, as well as the fund’s achievements in each of the programs.

The peculiarity of Ukraine is that it only recently set foot on the path of European development. For this reason, local entrepreneurs see charity as an impulse of the heart, and donations are one-off, which makes it less effective. The European experience shows that such work should be systematic. The charity fund for children aims to make charitable activities organized.

Providing attention and care to everyone who needs them requires setting not only short-term but also long-term goals. This is exactly what the charity fund Parimatch does. It is not enough just to build a children’s unit to fight leukemia. It is necessary to provide it with modern equipment, as well as constantly maintain the infrastructure and ensure the purchase of consumables. If there is no opportunity to implement a large-scale project, then you need to start small, having studied the business opportunities for assistance monthly, quarterly, or annually. The charity fund for children plays an important role in the development of the younger generation, therefore, its work brings more and more impressive results every year.

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