Nine Ways Advertising Could Change In 2023 (According To These Entrepreneurs) – Forbes

Nine Ways Advertising Could Change In 2023 (According To These Entrepreneurs) – Forbes

Both social media and the internet as a whole are ever-changing digital landscapes—and that means the companies that advertise on them must advance alongside them. With new platforms, changing regulations and evolving user preferences, advertising is likely to experience a few changes in the coming new year—but to what extent?

While no one is certain what changes will take place, nine members of Young Entrepreneur Council share their predictions for the future of advertising below, and explain why 2023 could be the year these new trends will start to take shape.

Young Entrepreneur Council members predict how advertising could change in the new year.

Photos courtesy of the individual members.

1. Artificial Intelligence Will Play A Much Larger Role

The future of advertising is AI-powered in 2023. Its use and effectiveness will improve with machine learning, meaning personalized ads for every consumer on the planet. AI will play a bigger role in how brands reach out and understand what consumers want and need from them—all while knowing that each person has different preferences for products or services based on their age, group, gender, lifestyle and more. – Adam Toren,

2. Ads Will Need To Be Socially Relevant And Value-Aligned

The advertising game really shifted from 2020 onward. Nowadays, there’s so much emphasis on creating content that will fit the consumer’s lifestyle rather than on how to persuade them to buy your product. Not to mention, the average consumer wants to know exactly who they’re buying from and where their money is going. Consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that “aligns with their values” rather than a strong, well-recognized brand. I think this will only expand into 2023. Advertising will require more meaningful, socially relevant and trendy content, which means that your company could quickly fall behind the curve if you’re not agile. In 2023, advertising will need to adapt to consumers more than ever. – Simon Bacher, Ling App

3. Personalization Will Take Center Stage

There are many changes currently taking place in advertising that will continue to shape the industry in the future. One way that advertising will change in 2023 is by becoming more personalized based on the user’s interests. More brands are trying to figure out how they can be the most relevant and valuable to their consumers. The more personalization and relevance advertisers have, the more effective of a marketing tool they’ll become. – Kristin Kimberly Marquet, Marquet Media, LLC

4. Proximity Marketing Will Be A Priority

I think there will be more emphasis on personalized marketing. More specifically, proximity marketing will be a priority. This type of marketing focuses on marketing to the right person at the right time using personalized, relevant content and geopositioning technologies in combination with Bluetooth or near-field communication, geofencing SMS or proximity identifiers. This type of marketing strategy is also ideal for brands that understand their consumers and their buying behavior well. That way, they will know exactly what content can catch the attention of specific customers. The only drawback is that the user will be asked for permission in advance. – Maksym Babych, SpdLoad

5. Companies Will Take Greater …….


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