RBT Review: Simple, Streamlined Stock Trading and Investing – Native News Online

RBT Review: Simple, Streamlined Stock Trading and Investing – Native News Online

RBT Review: Simple, Streamlined Stock Trading and Investing

People love the possibilities that come with online trading- and the exciting opportunities it opens up. The industry is changing, and more investment options are now accessible than ever before- regardless of a person’s background or previous experience. 

Digital trading platforms and online brokers make it all possible- but it has to be the right fit. Anyone searching for that perfect match could benefit from reading this review of the RBT platform. 

RBT is a well-known and respected online trading platform- and a strong contender for one of the best beginner-friendly broker services out there. The following overview sums up the basic information everyone should have and takes a closer look at a few of the standout features and functions. 

An Overview of the Must-Knows

Investment Choices: What Markets can RBT Users Access?

  • Stocks and bonds
  • Cryptocurrency
  • CFDs
  • Commodities
  • Indices

RBT is a general trading platform and has no shortage of investment options. The flexibility this allows is a major bonus- especially for people who don’t have a particular niche in mind. Stock trading is the most popular option and is what the platform is best known for. 

Deposits: What Payment Methods and Currencies are Accepted?

  • Bank cards (Visa or Mastercard- debit or credit)
  • Bank transfers
  • Digital wallet transfers

Flexible payment options make it easier for people to fund accounts quickly and securely. Bank cards are the most popular choice as they are free, fast, and simple. Digital wallets are there to support crypto fans, and bank transfers are ideal for secure larger payments. 

  • USD
  • Euro
  • GPB
  • Japanese Yen
  • Several cryptocurrencies

RBT supports many currencies. International payments are possible, but there may be a small commission payable on exchanges. 

Fees: What Costs are Involved?

  • Monthly subscription fee (three possible options)
  • Withdrawals 3%
  • Commissions 1-2%

Users should subscribe to a monthly account structure to get the best out of the RBT platform. There is a free option, but access is very limited, and the other charges are higher. The monthly fees are great value for money and offer several options. 

Withdrawals carry a three percent charge- except for top-tier subscription holders. Commissions on exchanges vary from account to account and transaction to transaction. RBT is always upfront about costs and never tried to hide something. 

Accessibility: How to Access the RBT Platforms

  • Online web trader
  • Desktop platform
  • Mobile app
  • PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones

RBT works best through the desktop platform but is accessible in other ways too. The online web trader is great for people who are not always on the same PC, and the mobile app is perfect for easy access on the move.

Some features …….

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