Tricks to Get More Followers on Instagram | Branded Voices … – Native News Online

Tricks to Get More Followers on Instagram | Branded Voices … – Native News Online

It can be incredibly hard to get ahead on Instagram, especially for business owners and content creators that are just getting started on the platform. Even posting high-value content every day won’t necessarily be enough to boost follower counts, at least not fast. That’s why this article will focus on some tips and tricks for getting more followers on Instagram as quickly as possible.

1. Buy a Following

By far the easiest way to get followers fast is to work with a premium Instagram growth company. Business owners need to be careful, though, because there are a lot of scams out there. Some companies use bots instead of real people to follow customers’ pages, which means all of those followers will swiftly disappear as the bots get booted, and the content creator could even get docked by the platform for participating in the scheme. Thankfully, creators can get followers, likes, views, and more from twiscy without worrying about violating the terms of service.

2. Use Community Hashtags

There are a few different types of hashtags content creators can use on Instagram, but community hashtags are by far the most powerful of them. Just be sure to choose hashtags that suit the account’s niche and style. People who are drawn to a page via community hashtags are there because they have similar interests and tastes, which means they’ll be more likely than most to hit that follow button.

3. Tag Feature Accounts

Tagging the accounts of relevant users on Instagram can be a helpful way to get new views, but tagging feature accounts is the best way to boost follower counts. Feature accounts are users who reshare content that follows themes, so only tag the account in posts that are both relevant and share-worthy. Doing so can garner a content creator some coveted shares from a more established account with larger follower counts, which can draw in new viewers quickly.

4. Collaborate with Others

Know other brand owners that work in the same niche or have similar target audiences without acting as direct competitors? If they have a better-established Instagram presence, it’s time to reach out to suggest a collaboration. It’s a quick way to get some extra exposure to the audiences that are most likely to follow a new account. Small businesses should support each other, and most business owners are perfectly happy to get the extra tags and shares from another relevant account, even if it’s one that’s still getting off the ground.

5. Leverage Existing Followers

Getting a business’s most loyal customers or a brand’s top followers to use branded hashtags is a great way to get content shared widely and seen by people who might want to follow the account. Of course, the photos and videos tagged need to be relevant for this strategy to work. However, just a few avid fans can be a significant help in boosting follower counts, especially if they’re willing to cross-post to different social media platforms in addition to using branded hashtags.

6. Make Good Use of Account Insights

Instagram makes it relatively easy to get a clear idea of what works and what doesn’t on its platform. Just take a look …….


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