Why CBD Flower is Getting All the Attention in the Online Canna … – Native News Online

Why CBD Flower is Getting All the Attention in the Online Canna … – Native News Online

The Cannabis market has a lot going on, from tinctures to gummies, capsules, and even the regular joint that most users prefer to edibles. They all deliver the desired effects, but if you want to take your experience to a new level, you may want to try CBD flower. 

Thanks to greater bioavailability, CBD flower will deliver the effects you expect much faster than any other product known to the market, and this alone makes it a favorite among users. Just like any other product from cannabis, there is still a lot to learn about the flower, its uses, and its effects. 

This article demystifies this product and explains why and how it differs from weed. 

What is CBD Flower? 

What makes up a CBD flower? Buds. Plants high in CBD and low in THC are grown to be harvested for the buds that make up this product. The law provides for any legally sold CBD product to have less than 0.3% THC, so these plants are grown with that in mind. Most Sativa strains for weed flowers are engineered to comply with this legal demand. Thanks to their CBD level – sometimes as high as 25% – the flower is known as the cleanest and most calming product on the market. 

One can easily confuse weed with CBD flower since they are both from the same plant – Cannabis Sativa – and they even smell the same, thanks to the terpenes present. Their most significant difference is in their composition, which you will note from using them. Flowers contain more CBD than THC at less than 0.03%, while marijuana could go as high as 30% in THC, depending on the strain. The effects will be different, with regular weed invigorating you more and making you sociable while the flower mellows you down. 

As far as the physical plants are concerned, the flower is derived from Sativa plants that breeders have manipulated to produce enough CBD for all the desired benefits. As a result, the leaves are narrow and less busy, and the plant grows long before maturity.

Did you know there are different flower aromas? 

The terpenes in the buds form the aroma profile that every plant carries predominantly. Some of the best-known terpenes include 

Caryophyllene: Woody or something like cloves and is the most popular in strains. It is spicy and will fill the throat with a surprising peppermint-like sensation. 

Myrcene: It has what most users call a “dank” smell that you will also find in mangoes. When you get used to it, it actually smells quite good. 

Limonene: This fruity aroma reminds you of orange peels or other citrus fruits. Don’t let the aroma fool you: this terpene tastes less than citrus fruits and more like something sweet. 

Pinene: It is piney, like you would find in pine trees. While you would expect it to taste piney, it is earthy. 

Humulene: This terpene has a woody aroma that most cannabis users find pleasant. 

Linalool: Think lavender when you inhale this terpene. It is flowery and pleasant, like it could be used in perfumes. 

Terpinolene: Most users consider this …….

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